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The university health network of Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC)

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health professional

Make an appointment with a health professional near your campus or your home. By subscribing to Résus+, you can (at the limit of our ability) be received within 48 hours, benefit from third-party payer or request an attending physician.

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health surveys

Take part of e-cohorts by answering anonymous health surveys. The questions are intended to determine your health status in order to improve ongoing research. Each survey you complete provides you with more points that can be converted into gifts.

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my health

Health promotion and disease prevention data is at your disposal. Addressing several themes e.g. environment, health, well-being… The aim is to keep you informed. Consult the data at will.

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Understanding Résus+ in one minute

Résus+ , how to participate ?


I'm registering at Résus+


I make an appointment with a health professional (if necessary)


I participate to health surveys and I win gifts

Résus+ your health network

Résus+, the university health network of Paris-Est Créteil University (UPEC), has been relaunched according to the terms of the old RÉSUS network.

This new health network aims at facilitating the entry into the health system for students and UPEC staff members by allowing them to make an appointment with a health professional near their place of study, work or residence.

By registering, beneficiaries will be able to get a quick consultation (within 48 hours of making the appointment) at conventional rates (without added fees) and request an attending physician.

Résus+ also carries out anonymous epidemiological monitoring over several years (e-cohort) to gauge the perceived health status of the participants and to make health prevention information accessible to all.

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